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Digital art is a general term for a range of works by the artists who use digital technologies as a major part of the processes of creation and representation (Paul, 2006). Specifically, digital technology refers to the application of computers as media and partners for the artists in creating art works. However, digital industry is often a vague term and does not clearly define the final form of the art work. In his book called Art of The Digital Age, Wands (2006) has classified digital art works based on their final tool to digital prints, sculpture, installations and virtual reality, performance, music and art of sounds, video and animation, software, databank, and the art of gaming. He says although many digital arts including digital picture …show more content…

Nowadays, in the process of creating artworks, the artist uses the help of those who used to be the audiences of the artworks. This cooperation and the involvement of the audience in the artwork is a new phenomenon that leads to indetermination. When there is no scheme between the artist and the audience about the outcome of the work, then the results are unclear. Digital media arts, especially cellphone touch and software arts, give the users a kind of adventurous experience so that they can practice different colors and …show more content…

Digital technology, from computers to smart phones, is an inseparable part of this generation’s lives. The internet entered Iran in 1997 and spread very fast until 1999. Smart phones entered Iran’s market in 2009. Therefore, the internet and smart phones kind of shaped the teen years of the generation born in the 80s and the 90s who are immersed in virtual realities and virtual computer games. This generation has experienced the world and aesthetics in a virtual

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