Digital Marketing : A Good Or Evil?

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Digital marketing is undeniably one of the commonly used words presently in the business world. Unlike the usual traditional strategies of marketing, digital marketing makes use of strategies that are designed to thoroughly engage the consumers into brand conversations using various digital platforms, which range from mobile phone applications to emails (Chaffey & Chadwick, 2012). Digital marketing can be made possible through different platforms that may or may not allow internet usage. The non-internet platforms are such as short messages, radio or TV. Internet platforms include e-mails, banner ads and the different available social media sites. Presently, many organizations combine both the digital and traditional marketing platforms. However, it is evident that digital channels have become more popular to business people due to their ability to accurately determine their Return on Investment (ROI) unlike the traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing is a force that can either be for good or evil. This essay will determine the kind of force that digital marketing brings on in relation to the present marketing needs. ‘Digital marketing’ was a not a common term in the 1990s. However, later on in the 2000s, the term slowly grew in its popularity and has become a buzz word today. Digital marketing has become stylish as one of the most effective ways of creating a lasting and relevant relationship between the business and the consumer. Its rapid evolution has come

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