Discount Card Fundraiser Research Paper

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Fundraising discount cards are a great idea for so many reasons. They typically generate high profits, are completely customizable for your group and is an effort that merchants report great results as a result of the partnership. If your group has recognized the benefits to utilizing a discount card fundraiser you may be concerned about getting local merchants to participate. It's easier than you think if you follow the right approach. Following are some tips on how to get merchants to sign on for your fundraiser:

Develop your list of merchants that your group wants to target. If you are targeting dining, movies, shopping and travel locations make your list ahead of time of who you plan to pitch the card to. When choosing a DIY discount card program you will
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Present the opportunity as "free" advertising to the merchant. This is an opportunity for a business to participate in a marketing effort without up front advertising costs. In exchange for their offer, you will include them on the card for free.
Offer examples of past success stories and testimonials. This can be one of your most powerful selling tools. If a merchant can see how this helped xyz business to grow their sales, they are more likely to sign up for your program.
Present this opportunity as a way for the business to gain new customers that may not have otherwise tried their product or service.
Have a script: Selling can be extremely intimidating for many people, but having a script with general guidelines and benefits of the program can help increase the confidence of those selling the idea to the merchants and in turn have an easier time signing up merchants as a result of receiving a clear overview of the program and how it will benefit their business to
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