E-Commerce for My Business

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Based on my future reading from “The Relationship between E-Commerce Adoption and Organization Performance” , the finding is also quite similar with these journal by which it had stated that the click-and mortar firm should also applying e-commerce and determine the necessary areas that need to be re-engineered in the process to increase the firm’s performance. However, it had been recommended that future researcher should consider some factors in determining their research by which Mutia Sobihah Abd Halim etc did not apply. The other factors consist of performing a comparative study between the hotels that using e-commerce with the hotels that still not uses it; it also should involve the e-commerce hotels’ user, as well as conducting this study in the other industries in Malaysia.
As in “Exploring the determinants of e-commerce usage in the hotel industry in Thailand: An empirical study” written by Pongsak Hoontrakul and Sunil Sahadev, the research found that there are many factors that influence the usage of e-commerce in hotel industry for the developing country, Thailand. Based on this, some other factors that need to be considered in the methodology the size of the hotel in terms of the number of rooms, the scope of activities of the hotel in terms of activities that the hotel is engaged in, the type of the hotel in terms of economic segment it is targeting and the age of the hotel. Thus, the study made by Mutia Sobihah Abd Halim etc should also determine these
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