Edward Is A Year Old, Single, African American Male

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# 8 Case Study Edward is a 27 year old, single, African American male. Edward is in the army reserve, and was deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months. His company was stationed to an Air force base where Afghanis were imprisoned for terroristic crimes. He states that because the Air force base had lots of expensive military equipment and planes, the Afghanis attempted to bomb the base regularly in hope of causing the United States monetary loss, and casualties. When the bombs would go off, Edward and the rest of the soldiers had to go into underground bunkers. This was late night or early morning. Edward said that when he first arrived in Afghanistan, he witness a plane crash near the base. He said that it was very frightening even though it …show more content…

He states that he is also frustrated because he is a time conscious person. He does not like to be late. PYCL 660 SAMPLE BLANK TREATMENT PLAN Client Name: Edward Smith Date: August 13, 2015_______ I. Problem/Concern/Issue: Edward is not able to sleep at night because he always feels anxious at bed time. He is not getting much sleep and does not want to over sleep and be late for his new job. __________________________________________________ Goal #1 / Expected Achievement Date: August13 – August 23, 2015_________ A1. Objective #1: __The client will identify his thought pattern as his bed time approaches. _____________________________________________________ A1a. Intervention or Modality #1:_The client will journal his feelings each night to identify the source of his anxiousness.____________________________________ A2. Objective #2: _The client will explore and discuss ideas that he has recorded in his journal._______________________________________________________________ A2a. Intervention or Modality #2:__The client will attend therapy sessions for CBT once a week to identify the thoughts they he has around bed time that is causing him to not sleep properly._________________________________________________________ A. Goal #2 / Expected Achievement Date:_ _August 13, 2015______________________ B1. Objective #1:__To sleep at night. _______________________________________ B1a. Intervention or Modality

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