Effective Bible Teaching The Authors Discuss The Merits Of A Bible

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In the book Effective Bible Teaching the authors discuss the merits of “topic and theme” and how we can use this to help prepare a bible lesson verses an essay. In this section the authors argue the universal principles of good writing, speaking and teaching and what the different handbooks say about composing a good essay. There are several different writing options such as picking a topic and then narrowing it to a specific thesis. Or doing the complete oposite and picking a broad subject and then narrowing it to a specific area of your topic. Another option would be to control your idea through a central theme. Personally, I was instructed by a teacher to formulate my thesis last, after I have the essay written, to make sure that I unify everything that I wrote about into the thesis. The authors of Effective Bible Teaching advocate a two-step method of writing an essay, which can also be used to prepare a Bible study. The first step would be to determine what the Bible passage is about. It is helpful to look for repetition when determining the topic of a passge. After this, we must formulate a statement that tells what this topic is about. This is where the writers interpreation of the subject comes into play. While it is helpful to use universal writing practices to formulate a Bible study, we must always remember to include God’s divine intention when He gives you something to share with others. The authors of Effective Bible Teaching urge us to work our way through a
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