Effective Strength And Conditioning Program For An Injured Athlete

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Despite an effective strength and conditioning program that helps prevent injuries, young athletes will still get hurt. When injuries do occur, a coach must know the proper treatment steps because he or she has a legal duty to provide immediate emergency care for an injured athlete. In this regard, the coach must administer the first aid or he or she must make sure a medical provider such as an athletic trainer provides the proper treatment. Furthermore, a coach must understand the subsequent rehabilitation involved that will successfully return the injured athlete to full participation. Because ankle sprains are the most common basketball injury, this chapter will discuss the treatment plan considerations. The initial objective with an ankle sprain is to control swelling that includes protection, rest, ice, compression, and evaluation (P.R.I.C.E) treatment. The P.R.I.C.E treatment plan involves 1) protecting the ankle with braces, wraps, or crutches, 2) resting the ankle by not doing activities that cause pain, 3) icing the ankle for 20 minutes and off for 60 minutes throughout the first 48 hours after the injury, compressing the ankle with a wrap, 4) elevating the ankle at or above the heart. After the initial treatment, there are three primary modalities available to treat an ankle injury: surgery, conservative treat with cast immobilization, and functional treatment. Studies have found functional treatment as the best modality to treat Grade 1 and 2 ankle injuries

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