El Ni�o : The Negative Effects Of Climate Change

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What is climate change? Everyone in their entire life has asked this question at least once, and unfortunately have never heard the detailed answer they deserve to hear. Climate change is commonly known as the change in weather in a specific area. For example, it could be the change in the amount of snowfall that occurs or the amount of heat given from the sun. These occurrences normally take millions of years to change, but the changes have brought many negative effects to our world. One example of this is rising sea levels, which have caused an outburst of natural disasters strongly impacting animals, people, and the environment. This essay will demonstrate the possible effects, rising sea levels bring to the earth in the near future, and how these changes have already negatively impacted the world. A way to explain rising sea levels is El Niño and La Niña. These two words are considered to be natural to the global climate system. El Niño is known as events which contribute to the warming of central and eastern tropical Pacific areas, and La Niña is the opposite which means the cooling of the areas which were listed above. El Niño was originated during the late 19th century by the Spanish. This term was translated to “Christ Child” because it was created on December 2, close to Christmas. El Niño was discovered when there was an odd occurrence with the wind patterns. In the past, before El Niño was invented, people who have been studying the wind patterns know that the

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