Emotional Intelligence And Social Pressures

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Emotional intelligence exposes an individual’s ability to regulate their emotions, in an attempt to acknowledge their partner’s perspective and convey intimacy and commitment in their relationship. In the framework of marriage, I do agree with the author that emotional intelligence may exist as the glue that holds a marriage together, as individuals must retain an aptitude to illustrate compassion and empathy with their partner. According to the text, evidence of a “steady erosion of social pressures – the stigma surrounding divorce, or the economic dependence on wives on their husbands – that used to keep couples together in even the most miserable of matches” surfaces (Goleman, 2005, p. 129). Due to societal deviations, couples no longer uncover themselves in an obligation to continue their marriages when confronting undesirable situations. Because obligations no longer keep couples together, emotional intelligence importance amplified. The general challenge with marital emotional intelligence subsists as gender differences. In fact, “emotional differences, while they may be partly biological, also can be traced back to childhood, and to the separate emotional worlds boys and girls inhabit while growing up” (Goleman, 2005, p. 130). Due to the dissimilarity in childhood worlds, I agree with the author that we need to make a point of talking to boys, in particular, about emotional intelligence. Originating in elementary school, society articulates that males must conceal
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