Emotional Intelligence (EI) Theory Essay

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been one of the popular concepts nowadays. However, the EI conceptualization varied between researchers, resulting in distinct types of EI theory proposed. These theories differ in the conceptualization of EI and its measurement instrument. The ability theory proposed by Mayer and Salovey (1997) suggests that EI consists of the ability to appraise and express, regulate and utilize emotion. It proposed four constructs that characterize all the abilities that could add to an individual’s EI. These building blocks are in a chain of command, in which, every level integrate with one another and constructed the competence of the earlier competence. Another perspective on EI is the mixed model EI theory. The …show more content…

Many studies have been done to evaluate the link between leaders and EI. For instance, study done by Mandell and Pherwani (2003) and Gardner and Stough (2002) showed that the leaders’ EI highly correlated with the transformational leadership style. Additionally, in a qualitative reviews on 78 peer-reviewed journals and 21 book chapters from 1990 to 2007 by Gooty, Connelly, Griffith, and Gupta (2010), it is found that EI have an effects on leaders and their employees. This study found that leaders positive outlook could result in positive team outcomes, while negative outlook might hindered the team effectiveness.
Many other researchers believed there are some links between EI and leadership (Boyatzis, Good, & Massa, 2012; Sadri, Weber, & Gentry, 2011; Smollan & Parry, 2011; Thiel, Connelly, & Griffith, 2012; Zineldin & Hytter, 2011). In fact, the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory has been used to measures the effectiveness of leaders, and is considered as an instrument in evaluation and development of good leaders (Howells, 2007). Hence, it could be concluded that EI is a significant factor in a leader. Leader could manage employees and handle workplace problems efficiently with their emotional capabilities. Realizing the importance of EI in leaders, researchers suggested that EI

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