The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Nursing

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Emotion Intelligence
Definition: “Emotional intelligence can be defined as a set of personality traits, as competencies, or as an intelligence. Trait-based approaches gather together traits such as optimism, assertiveness, and reality testing to create an EQ construct. Competency-based approaches include traditional leadership competencies such as influence, communication, and self-awareness. The ability-based approach to EI posits four related abilities: identifying emotions accurately; using emotions to facilitate thinking; understanding emotional causes and progressions; and managing emotions to result in optimal outcomes.”
Caruso, D. R. (2007). Emotional intelligence. In S. G. Rogelbert, Encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Retrieved from
Cheri Clancy is a soft skill and leadership coach, she previously was a nurse and a professor of nursing at a number of universities. In her article The importance of emotional intelligence, she discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in nursing and an offices retention of nurses. Clancy explains that an emotional intelligent person knows what to say in a conversation and the correct way to engage with individuals in different situations. Clancy goes on to explain how self-awareness,

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