Employee And Functions Of Employee Competency Level Of Employees

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Introduction The following paper embosses the remarks of an organization which is employee owed and functions in its core by being transparent in its inner sanctum. The purpose and opportunity achieved by the employee at this company directly relates to the deliverables expected in the paper. The narratives will discuss and interpret the employee’s perspective in the realm of Human Resource management that deals with particulars like competency level, attitudes and behaviors, union of teams and peers and ultimately the performing system within which the employee functions. The examples and the challenges will be exemplified in the narratives which they explained to me in person. The company faced numerous challenges in past couple of years, these challenges will be in similarity to the case study’s and comparing and contrasting the cases with actual events. Managing Employee Competencies The assets and the objectives/mission statements are most relevant resource that dominates in determining the competency level of employees. Employee competency can be measure and many organizations have excelled the skill of filtering down to the best competent candidates. There are many broad strokes on how the competency level is ascertained, majorly by development and training. One of the organizations possessed a virtual selection system which was capable of assessing candidates via test programs. The process takes place in this manner where the candidate gets to the audition for the
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