Enterprise Networks Essay

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Today’s enterprise networks are more and more likely to be Windows based or at the very least have large Windows components coexisting with other network operating systems (NOS) such as the many UNIX/Linux variants, or Novell’s NetWare. Since the time that Microsoft began offering Windows NT Server version 3.51 through today’s Windows 2003 Server and its upcoming successor, codenamed “Longhorn”, the job of centralized network authentication and administration has been built around Microsoft’s domain network architecture.
Over the years Microsoft’s domain architecture has changed and evolved significantly. The introduction of Active Directory has eclipsed the older Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and Backup Domain Controller (BDC) model …show more content…

Figure 1: Creating a Forest Design - Microsoft TechNet: (2003)

The implementation of Microsoft’s Active Directory can also assist in actually reducing the number of domains used in a given Microsoft based network. In the more recent implementations of Microsoft’s domain model, all network objects such as computers, printers, users, groups, Microsoft Exchange mail accounts and other related network components are all stored in Microsoft’s Active Directory (DiNicolo, 2004, p. 24-25). Active Directory can minimize the number of domains required as compared to past Microsoft domain architecture examples by providing a central repository for network authentication and administration which is capable of replicating its data to other domain controllers within the network using the process known as multimaster replication (DiNicolo, 2004, p 25). This process allows a domain controller to replicate its Active Directory database to other domain controllers within the network. This process also enables users at other locations within the network to authenticate and use the same network resources as other users who are physically closer to the primary domain. In addition, the Dcpromo wizard allows for other Windows 2003 servers within the network to be promoted to the status of

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