Enterprise Systems Architecture Of An Organization

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Enterprise Systems Architecture
Kerven Nelson
Nova Southeastern University

Enterprise system Architecture (ESA) is the overall IT system architecture of an organization. This architecture is the key part of managing and evolving IT systems, and therefore the business operations, of an organization. It consists of the architectures of individual systems and their relationships in the perspective of an organization. The Air Force has a limited idea of what enterprise architecture is, how it works, and most importantly, why it is needed.
The point of this paper is to discuss these key questions, to present some guidelines for implementation of enterprise architecture, and make people aware of some of the possible consequence of enterprise architecture development. Architecture is known to be necessary when considering the design of a new building. However, architecture is equally as important when considering the design and creation of a composite system within a business. Whether a business is expanding or new area is being planned, the same issues must be considered (e.g. integrated services, interoperable systems, and efficient operations). The end result of architecture is the arrangement of mechanisms under familiar principles that ease change management and ensure integrated and successful operation. The Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) council considers an enterprise as an organization supporting a defined business scope and task and contains…
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