Essay On Leadership Influence On Subordinate Behavior

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From module seven, Leadership Influence on Subordinate Behavior, the concept I found most important is Ask, Care, and Escort (ACE). The reason I find this concept important is because each year, for the first six years of my military career, I have had a colleague attempt to hurt themselves or went through the act of taking their life. I believe any loss of human life by one’s own hands is a loss to many. Being a wingman isn’t just about being a supervisor, a subordinate, or a peer. It’s about taking accountability for all of those around you. The ask, care, and escort is not limited by being a subordinate, peer, or supervisor. It is applied at every level to ensure there is no loss of life. To describe the implications of not following the concept of ACE, I’d like to describe my first experience of an attempted suicide in the military. During basic training, I had a friend that had washed back into my flight because of gambling in the dorms. He was recycled from his fifth week of basic training to my flights third week. He was very open about his experience and we became quick friends. By the end of the week, his demeanor had changed. Our fast friendship seemed very cold. I asked him if anything had happened in his…show more content…
This experience early in my career has made it so I will always ask someone if they are thinking of hurting themselves if the situation arises. It is not a taboo subject and it has become easier to ask upon realizing that I am saving a life. This question alone has aided four other subordinates and peers. I cared for each wingman by listening to what they had to say and empathizing with them. I realized that they are going through something that makes them feel like ending their life is the only option. Finally, I escorted my wingman to the nearest healthcare facility for help or had the appropriate authorities
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