Essay On Pre-Mission Briefing

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Similarly, within the organization team environment, pre-mission briefings should be a daily thing. I am not talking about having a useless “morning meeting” that chews up enormous amounts of time and resources. I am talking about a purposeful, standard brief that provides all team members with clarity of the goal. You see, when people attend work and focus on their set piece of work or their particular role, they have a tendency to lose focus of what the bigger picture is. Instead of working toward a goal of, say, achieving penetration into the market of a product or providing an exemplary service, workers can get stuck in the grind and conduct tasks such as “Do a sales call,” or “Touch base with a client.” This in turn leads to employees …show more content…

You have undoubtedly seen or, if you have children, may have actually used the tactic of enforcing peace upon a volatile situation: “Stop fighting or I will put you in your room.” “If you don’t apologize to your sister, you are going to be in trouble.” This is what is known as being a peacemaker. It is an offensive approach to peace in which one forces behaviors to change. In the case of parenting, more often than not, the seeds of bitterness and resentment remain inside the children only to come out later, and as the true issues of the conflict were never really dealt with, the peace that results is artificial. It is a short-term gain for a long-term pain.

But if the parent were to listen to each child’s concerns and the reason the conflict started in the first place, and then allowed the children to express themselves and come to the resolution organically, the children learn the habits and behaviors associated with conflict resolution. As a result, these skills can be used later down the track. This is an example of peacekeeping, deemed as short-term pain for a long-term gain.

Every team is made up of individuals, and as long as humans are breathing and have a pulse, there will be reason for conflict. Conflict in a work team tends to deteriorate the cohesion of the team and chips away at trust levels among team members. As the leader of a team, you should be on the offensive when it comes to being a peacekeeper. Set up clear

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