Essay On The Didactic Approach

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Over the centuries, approaches to literacies pedagogy have changed greatly within the Australian education system. The causes of these changes are due to progression within our society and the expectations of the Australian curriculum. The creators of these approaches have the students’ needs at heart and build what may be at the time the best approach. As society evolves students’ needs change therefore, the approaches that may have once been effective may become less valued.

The didactic approach was the first approach to surface. At the time of the invention of print, around the 1500’s, the didactic approach took its place in classrooms around the world (Kalantzis, Cope, Chan, & Dalley-Trim, 2016, p.85). The didactic approach is a
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The Five from Five website (n.d., para.3) goes on to mention that there is evidence that students benefit from explicit teaching of the connection between letters and speech sounds. Explicit instruction during the development of phonemic awareness has proven to be the best approach. Another advantage of the didactic approach is that it is based around the knowledge process of students experiencing the new. Kalatzis, et al. (2016, p115) mention through the process of experiencing the new can provide a more equal experience for all students. Australia is a diverse country with a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Those students that do not obtain a typical Australian background will not be disadvantaged as the material and experience is new to all students. The didactic approach still remains, though many are starting to move away from the approach due to changes in philosophies.

Classrooms have become more diverse and require teachers to cater a range of student needs. The didactic approach consists of the whole class moving through a textbook at the same pace. The idea that all students learn at the same pace is unrealistic. Students’ strengths, weaknesses or interests are not being taken into account if they are being presented with the same content (Marzano, as cited in Varnado, 2011, p.12). Those students that develop understanding quickly can become unmotivated and
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