Essential Tips For Improving Your Managerial Game

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Congratulations, you’ve just become a manager for the first time! This is an exciting time in your career and you want to do the best job you can. You probably already have a mental list of what you want to do differently from your own past managers, as well as traits you aspire to develop in your own role as leader. Read these essential tips for improving your managerial game.
There’s No ‘I’ in Team
While most employees work in teams these days, as a non-managerial worker you were really in it for yourself. Your job was to complete certain responsibilities and projects. It may have involved coordination with co-workers, but ultimately your performance was reviewed solely on the results you delivered as an individual.
Now that you’re a manager, you need to trade that “me-centered” focus for a more global outlook. From here on out your performance will be assessed based on the success or failure of your team. This means you need to become an excellent delegator and coach. Your workday should be more about keeping your team running smoothly — ensuring everyone is meeting deadlines and turning in quality work — than checking off your own to-do list of tasks. If you find yourself getting too involved in everyday responsibilities, there’s probably a weak link somewhere on your team.
Invest Time in Continuing Education
Everyone has had at least one bad boss. And working for a flawed manager can make us think it would be easy to do a better job ourselves. But the reason so many…
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