Establishing Teamwork And Its Effect On Teamwork

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The purpose of this study is to identify establishing teamwork is difficult in an organization. The study has partially discussed the problems and consequences a manager faces at different levels as the team evolves in an organization. The study takes through all the major aspects of team and its evolvement, managerial-roles, specifications, pros and cons, internal and external environment, human-behavior, culture in an organization and its effects on teamwork. Study has also briefed few management theorists who have their approaches on teamwork and exampled few organizations found relevant in the context of teamwork.
Organizational effectiveness depends on the use of well-designed teams who are accountable …show more content…

(Katz, 1986)
Competencies are implied in regards of inter-personal and decision-making requirements of managerial roles and activities which embed agenda setting and networking. A skill-based ability that contributes to elevated level of performance in a managerial job is a managerial competency.
There are key personal characteristics for managerial success for professional advancement and career success and the fundamentals are highlighted in the table below. Use of Teams in the Trend
In an organization a team is a group of people who frequently work together to pursue a common goal. They can be distinguished in two categories:
Formal Groups – The teams officially recognized and supported for particular reason by an organization. For example a team is formed by a manager.
Informal Groups – The teams are unofficial which is emerged from the common interests and relationships of the members and does not serve organizational purpose.
At Starbucks, famous retail coffee shops in the world use both formal and informal groups in the company. Formal structure of Starbucks Company includes the board of directors, managers and staff. This group has a manager and his subordinates who share a common sphere. Informal structure of Starbucks Company is used to address the matters which arise in the company and it is through them the information is well-communicated to rest of the staff. Starbucks has established informal groups to make communication effective.
Types of

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