Ethical and Moral Leadership Environments Essay

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Defining moral leadership is quite simple and varied dependent upon the situation or context requiring leadership. Carrying out moral and ethical leadership is much more complex when carried out in the day to day operations in life. This is particularly poignant when righting a wrong, or redeeming a situation to help in a process of improvement.
Dineen, Lewicki and Tomlinson (2006 p. 430 in Yukl) state a case that it is up to the leadership to lead by example regarding both ethical and moral behaviour. It is also imperative for the leader to set clear goals, standards and objectives and ensure the maintenance throughout the performance of their work (Yukl p. 430 – 431).
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165). This appears to cover all the ideas of a leadership position because it speaks to both the ethical and moral environment of a situation or corporation etc. That is, if one holds forth with the values determined by the research and experienced over time.
Environmental Influences from morals and ethics
Ciulla’s (p. 493 in Wren) expose on moral environments as “a system of customs and habits found in daily life that take on a logic of their own, influencing peoples traditions , beliefs, leadership, policies and practices of an organization.” An example he used of unhealthy moral environments, was the case of Rosa Parks. When people see and understand what it takes to change the status quo through courage, the world view shifts. Other people such as Ghandi, Craig Keilburger and Mother Teresa are examples of extraordinary sacrifices they undertook to make the world a better place by taking action and setting the example. The experience of being institutionalized taught me at a very early age to have compassion and empathy of those looked down or those deemed “lesser than” in society.
Anomalies of Cultural Leadership
In a culture that has been undermined by colonization I have observed the struggles of Indigenous peoples striving to negotiate with honour in the dominant society whose agencies are in contradiction with the Indigenous “ways of knowing” (my thesis). Yukl (p. 430) discusses the
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