Evaluating Procedures For An Whole Department Of Human Resource

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Recruiting metrics They are defined as the evaluating procedures which are formulated to help as tools of measurement in order to oversee and improve the recruiting or hiring process in organizations. They are used to determine the effectiveness of any hiring process. These metrics are very important as they act as mirror for the whole process of recruitment. They are used to determine the rate of success and how effective the whole department of human resource is (Carbone, 2016). There are various recruiting metrics. The first one is the rates of application completion. This metric usually leans on the application process for a certain vacancy in the company. It is determined by calculating application completion rate which is indicated…show more content…
Though there are many variables which are at work in this case, the time taken to fill a certain position should be minimal. If much longer time is taken, it means that the effectiveness of the whole process is in doubt and something should be done about it. There is also the case of retention rate as another metric. Retention rate in this case, is used to mean for how along a candidate after being employed works in the firm. Do they stay and work for long or they decide to move elsewhere. If they stay for long, it means everything in the company is okay but if they leave after a short time then something is amiss. Analyzing this statistics the company is able to know which job positions people tend to leave mostly and formulate ways to solve the problems leads to this phenomenon. Offer acceptance ratio is also a metric. This is the ratio of the number of the offers accepted by potential employees and the offers that are declined. If the ratio is low, it means something is wrong in the hiring process, either taking too much time to hire or the compensation being too low to attract new employees. Quality of hire also determines the effectiveness of the hiring process. This metric is usually one of the hardest to calculate. This is because it is hard to directly calculate an individual’s quality of performance as there are
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