Evaluation Of Organizational Performance And Processes

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A. Evaluate how the review of organizational performance takes place in your school organization by doing the following:
1. Describe how your school organization reviews organizational performance and processes.
Napavine School District reviews our district performances and processes on a monthly basis through various committees: TPEP (Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program), BLT (Building Leadership Team), and Safety. Each of these committees meet on a monthly basis to discuss a variety of performance and processes we face in our district. Each of the committees involve a different group of staff members from the high school and the elementary school. The committees include employees from both the certificated and classified employee …show more content…

We can note if a group of students’ performances have changed, regressed or advanced and then determine a course of action as needed. This analysis is completed within each department. The English department looks at scores in ELA, while math and science department members look at students’ scores on the End of Course exams in their subject area.
3. Evaluate how your school organization uses the analysis to assess progress toward strategic objectives and action plans.
Napavine School District uses the data from analysis to determine if we are on point to reaching our goals by the end of each school year. Once each department has evaluated previous years’ exam scores, each department sets a goal for their subject area. Each department shares that goal with the entire staff and we develop an all school strategic objective and action plan based on our needs. We revisit the data each year prior to the beginning of the school year to identify areas of growth or lack of progress towards our goal. While this is satisfactory in that we note our success or failures from year to year, it woeful in that we don’t have a clear understanding of which students are not making progress during the course of each year. There is very little analysis during the middle of the school year and so we fail when it comes to noting which

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