Even With The Greatest Attempts, Projects Can Fail. Projects

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Even with the greatest attempts, projects can fail. Projects can be measured in terms of failures. When looking at the project failures, if the project objectives are not met it then affect the scope, time, cost, quality, and resources of the project. When these items are not met and not approved by senior management of the project team the project is considered a failure. There are several reasons for failures that will be examined. The first reason of project failure is poor planning. This is a very common reason because project managers do not take the time to understand the clients and stakeholder needs. They just dive right into the project without any thought or consideration of the direction the project is going. According to …show more content…

Ways to combat the lack of communication between the team, management, and stakeholders is to address all concerns as they arrive. Also, have a designated person to communicate the concerns of the stakeholders and team. The project manager, senior management, and stakeholders should have weekly, monthly, or quarterly meeting depending on the complexity of the project to keep everyone abreast to the status of the project. Having excellent communication among the participants in the project during the planning and execution stage can alleviate delays that may occur later in the project. Poor communication and a bad PM are hand-in-hand when it comes to project failures. Being that the project manager is responsible for the overall project, it is very important that communication is always open, however; if the PM lacks interpersonal or organizational skills this will also cause the project to fail. Th failure to find the right project manager can cause the project team to lack motivation by trying to control every aspect of the project. A project manager needs to have leadership skills in business, technical, or organizational to be an effective leader in a project. To help prevent project failure with a bad project manager stakeholders should choose a project manager whose skills match the project requirements. By providing an effective project manager who has competencies in knowledge, performance, and

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