Executive Leadership And Strategic Decisions

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Executive Leadership and Strategic Decisions (Good & Bad) Executive leaders have to make decisions concerning their organizations in an attempt to lead the organization in the right direction. Knowing that there are varying personalities within these organizations the leaders have to understand this paradigm which causes decision making to be both objective and subjective within organizations. Attribution theory, gender and crisis calls for executive leaders to make varying decisions. Empirical data shows that these three features can have a major effect on leaders’ decisions in organizations. Attribution Theory “Attribution theory is one of several cognitive theories of motivation (typically grouped along with goal orientation…show more content…
34). With this process in place leaders can ascertain why and how employees come to decision points and act accordingly during their day-to-day functions within an organization. There are employees that will come to work and not require any motivation to complete their tasks, there are employees that will be average employees and complete tasks minimally and then there are the employees that will require lots of leadership attention to complete their tasks if they complete them at all. It can be said that their attribution theory is on a very low scale and they allow their environment to influence their decisions rather than pull from their internal strengths and attitude. Methods The sample size of 60 managers consisted of 19 males and 41 females. The managers were chosen from both corporate and private business. The managers were all executives in their organizations, they ranged in age from 28 to 51 years of age (Oghojafor, Olayemi, Oluwatula, & Okonji, (2012), p. 35). The research gave the managers the ability to answer questions on a survey concerning the ability of employees’ internal and external factors among other principles. One of the main features of the survey was The Big-Five Personality Scale. Results Details of the survey show that 44.9% of
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