Experiment 1, Introduction to Laboratory Techniques

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Laboratory #1 Introduction to Laboratory Techniques
Sean Pence
Jackie Butler
September 6, 2012
September 13, 2012

This lab contains four different experiments. All four experiments focus on proper laboratory techniques. The reasoning behind this lab was to become familiar with lab equipment, the proper usage of lab equipment, and how to correctly take data and notes. The first experiment of this lab was to determine the volume of water in various types of equipment. The second experiment was to measure the different masses of pennies from pre and post 1982. The third experiment was to calibrate and measure the volume of a 5-ml pipette. The last and final experiment of this lab was to record the temperature of boiling and frozen
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Procedure 4: The 4th procedure is the last and final procedure in this lab. During this procedure you will improve your techniques at using a thermometer and Bunsen burner. To start off the procedure gather 50-mL of ice in a 150-mL beaker and then cover the ice in deionized water. While the ice water sits for 15 minutes, obtain 250-mL beaker half filled with deionized water and place the beaker on a gauze wire on top of the ring stand. Using a Bunsen burner heat the beaker with a fire that should have a blue inner cone and a violet outer cone. Once the water boils, turn off the Bunsen burner and read the temperature of the boiling water. Be careful to not touch the beaker when using the thermometer because if the thermometer touches the beaker you will be reading the temperature of the glass and not the temperature of the water. When your ice water has been sitting for 15 minutes and has reach equilibrium record the temperature of the water the same way you recorded the temperature of the boiling water. Using the given ATM pressure calculate the true boiling point of water and graph your results using excel.

Raw Data:
Procedure 1: Apparatus | A | B | C | D | Name: | 100-mL | 10-mL | 50-mL | 250-mL | Volume | 82 mL | 7.2 mL | 31.1 mL | 130 mL | Uncertainty | 0.60 | 0.10 | 0.02 | 0.05 |

Procedure 2: Pre-1882 | 3.04g | 3.07 | 3.08 | 3.05 | Ave Pre: | 3.06 | Dev Pre: | 0.076 | Post-1983 | 2.51 |
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