Exploring The Potential Of Different Marketing Techniques On The Marketing Activities Of Organisations

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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Discussion
2.1 Targeting and Personalisation 2.2 Revolutionary impact
2.3 Innovation
3.0 Summary and conclusion
4.0 Bibliography
5.0 References
The purpose of undertaking this study is to explore the potential of different marketing techniques on the use of technology and traditional marketing methods and to publish a comprehensive debate, which explores the benefits, limits and risks of both marketing approaches for increasing awareness of the marketing activities of organisations.
1.0 Introduction
Marketing is crucial for any organisation to create awareness and to communicate itself to its consumers, and now is even more important more than ever as there are an increasing amount of new businesses …show more content…

Unfortunately, even though technology is increasing, not everyone has access to the World Wide Web, in fact around 40% of the world population has Internet connection to this day, but anyone with a mail service, television, newspaper or radio can learn about your services or products. Also through many forms of traditional advertising you can achieve personalisation, which is key to attracting customers. Print advertising is seen as one of the most traditional ways of attracting new customers. You can purchase adverts in newspapers and magazine’s on a local or national scale, and also have the ability to target readers of specific publications related to your industry. Another method is communicating through direct mail, once information of both customers and potential customers have been collected in the database, companies have the chance to send them direct mail. Direct mail allows you to target individuals with specific messages and most importantly, that are tailored to them, whilst also keeping your company image in their minds on a regular basis, offering discount codes and latest offers. A recent form of marketing is guerilla advertising; this technique focuses on low-cost

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