Face And Face Of Face Communication

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Face-To-Face Communication With the rapid growth of high technology, computer, telephone and other communication tools have become more and more important in our daily life. “Through the advent of technologies such as e-mail, wireless Internet, and cell phones, organizations are becoming more wired both within and outside of the workplace.” (Marcus, Becker and Boswell). What people have gradually ignored face-to-face communication? Face-to-face communication means people interact with each other without any barriers. In the past, people only can communicate with others in this way; however, nowadays, more and more people, especially young persons, get contact with their families and friends by using telephone, e-mail, text massages and letters. It is true that the advanced communicational technologies get the distance between human-beings closer, but in some way, they also elongate the distance, as people are no longer need to keep connect face-to-face, which means strange and unbelievable. Hence the best way of communication is face-to-face. Face-to-face communication could make people directly know the actual personality of people, avoiding being deceived by others. “Conversation is powerful. If you know how to talk with people instead of talk to them, your business opportunities may just become limitless.”(Duestin). In fact, we live in “Almighty Dollars” society, under which there are many persons who only want to get money as free riders. They maybe take the advantages

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