Family Reflection Paper

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For the individuals and the family that I observed, the name will be changed to respect their privacy. The child I observed is 7 years old Afro-America female. Her name is Tonya.
Tonya weights 57 pounds and is 46 inches in height with short black hair and dark brown eyes.
As a low middle class family, she lives with her two sisters Tina age 4, Megan an infant. Mother,
Lisa age 26 a stay at home mom and Father, Ken age 26 who received his master degree in finance and currently working at Bank of America as a loan officer. They live in a townhome with two bedrooms and two in half bathrooms. The home location is in University Blvd N.
Jacksonville, FL. Tonya is a first grader at Merrill Elementary School, Her father drops her off at school every morning before he goes to work. After school Tonya will start doing her homework, and help her mom watched her two sisters while she cooked dinner. The father was raised as a Protestant growing up, he instill values in the household and one of the values is prayer which is done before dinner everyday. For extracurricular activities Tonya like to draw, play with dolls, video games, checkers and connect four (Child’s Parent, personal communication, October 10, 2017).
The parents, Ken and Lisa stated that for 7-year-old Tonya is very responsible.
She has chores that needed to be done on a daily bases without being told to do so, such
As cleaning up her and her sister bedroom, taking out the trash, whipping down the

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