Formative And Summative Assessment Analysis

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Formative and Summative Assessment.

Mary James, in her article ‘Assessment and Learning’ in the book ‘Unlocking Assessment’, voices out her opinion about the fact that assessment must be congruent with learning. She highlights the idea that some assessments carried out in schools do not claim to assess learning. The learning of the individual is, of course assessed ,but the focus is only on performance under test conditions. The very purpose of assessment is to motivate and not discourage or demoralize students. Moreover it should serve the students interest by guiding them properly. To ensure that exhaustive learning has taken place, quantitative assessments need to happen. The overall perspective of assessment has however narrowed down in the true sense of the term during recent
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(Salvia and Ysseldyek 2004) Based on this definition of assessment, three aspects of assessment can be identified as
(i) Process over a period of time.
(ii) Analysis of the learners acquisition in comparison with the performance of the other learner and
(iii) Identifying the learners’ strengths and weaknesses. The two main functions of assessment that are commonly identified are formative and summative assessment. In a balanced systems of assessment, both formative and summative assessment are integral elements of information gathering.

Formative Assessment Brown H. Douglas in his book ‘Language Assessment – Principles and Classroom Practices’ defines formative assessment as the practice of evaluating students in the process of ‘forming’ their competencies and skills with the goal of helping them to continue their growth process.

This kind of formation can take place only by the efficient delivery by the teacher and proper internalization by the student about the appropriate feedback given about the performance which focuses more on future
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