Four Seasons Goes to Paris Essay

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Four Seasons Goes to Paris:
"53 Properties, 24 Countries, 1 Philosophy"


November 27, 2005

Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts (FSH) always prided itself on being the choice for a luxury hotel experience. Since its inception date in 1960, FSH expanded its renowned services to include the current number of 67 hotels in 30 different countries with continued expansion in progress. FSH attributed its success to its organizational culture, which did, and continues to embody, the dedication to great service and luxury hospitality. Part of this culture is to recognize that the employees are the key to success, and that in following the "Golden Rule", do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, an atmosphere of fairness, …show more content…

How would Paris, employees, and customers receive the new FS administration? Would the values and standards of the company be compatible with those held by French culture? The question was to decide what to keep and what could be changed in their strategy when considering the elements of the French national culture and legal aspects. The advantages that FSH had on its side were experience; they had already been successful in other 23 countries reaching this balance using the diversity-singularity strategy, flexibility, they have shown setting an ever reducing number of standards while increasing focus on their goals, and a strong set of values. The success of the firm could mean entering a highly profitable market, improving the image as a high-level luxury hotel and the reinforcement of confidence for the top management team about how operations were being run. If it were a failure, the company would lose an investment of $125 million, two years of work, and possibly damage their image in a very competitive environment. Two main factors that could conspire against its success were national culture and legal issues. Even though FSH already had some experience through its operations in Canada and the Pierre Hotel in New York City (are we sure about the "French" culture at the hotel in NY? Pg 8 ) in dealing with these elements, the FS George V was a new challenge all together. In dealing with a national culture as

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