Functions Of Suitable Digital Systems E Business

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Functions of suitable digital systems E-business: The consequences of online business obviously impact. One of the huge factors in the best customer service is flash, especially when a customer is demanding something that’s time conscious. Considerable interactions begin with experience customers demand and being supply.
Key features of suitable digital systems On internet, it is possible to find the same product but cheaper price. When products and services growth rate increase, the number of online seller increases as well. And for business plan to increase number of store will be changed to do online service following the trends
Rationale of how you would use it effectively to design the copy scripts This includes the location of the …show more content…

o Program promos: In terms of promotional activities of the John’s Cafe, the management believes that the success of the business relies on the promotion process which is a tool in communication process that uses information and presents it persuasively to achieve more sales. The object of the promotion is to gain new customers, sell more products and services of the business to the existing customer and to keep the regular customer in business.

8. Select the most suitable option/s for the final implementation, and report on:
• How they help to communicate the required information and image to the target audiences
- Competitive advantages: John’s Cafe continues to face growing competition in the coffee market, both in the local and Melbourne. Competitors such as McDonald’s have recently introduced “gourmet,” coffee shop style offerings to their product mix. Some competitors have effectively targeted customers looking for “lower-priced” and “on –the-go” options, made available by drive thru services.
- Features of the product/service: One element favouring John’s Cafe over features are its ability to be “flexible when it comes to its store size and layout”. This allows business to alter each individual store based on location, and to expand in to alternate territories such as grocery stores, rest stops, and so on.
- Product/service price: Every company, organisation, restaurant or any business want to make money. And that is

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