Globalization And Globalization

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“Globality signifies a social condition characterized by tight global economic, political, cultural, and environmental interconnections and flows that make most of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant” (Steger 2017: 10). This means that everywhere is connected. There are millions of trade routes that connect the different countries with each other. When trading things, they are not just trading commodities, they trade their values, languages, and non- materialistic items. “Globalization is a spiritual concept signifying a set of social processes that transform our present social condition of conventional nationality into one of globality” (Steger 2017: 12). Globalization makes the world connected. Without globalization,…show more content…
Micklethwait and Wooldridge think that globalization is only affecting the richer for better. As globalization gets bigger the richer get more protection because they can afford it or prove they need it more. In third- world countries this is a problem because the poorer people are not getting the education or health care they need (Sen 2002:24). Both articles complement each other on this topic. The richer get more of what they want because they can afford it, while the poor are being set on the backburner. The third topic they share consensus on is technology. The use of the web gives people access to so many things whether it is for information, travel or fun (Micklethwait and Wooldridge 2000: 15-16). “Over thousands of years, globalization has contributed to the progress of the world through travel, trade, migration, spread of cultural influences, and dissemination of knowledge and understanding” (Sen 2002: 19-20). Technology has given so many opportunities it is unbelievable. The use of not only the internet, but also airplanes, medicine and so much more have brought so many cultures together as one. The fourth example is about the power of the government. “The troubling inequalities include disparities in affluence and also gross asymmetries in political, social, and economic opportunities and power” (Sen 2002: 21). Free trade is one of the major things that give communities that little

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