Google's Strategies : IT Policy And Strategy

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Google’s Strategies
Akash Chapagain
IST 7100 IT Policy and Strategy
Wilmington University

The videos for this week analysis is about Google Strategy. IT Discusses about the idea of building upper hand by utilizing Information System (IS) - based applications. They discuss how Utilization of information resources can be managed by appropriate time management. It talks about Information Technology abilities by shedding light on how IT is made up off information resources as a building block. Michael Porter's Five Competitive Forces then explains examining the vital preferred standpoint of a system, and his Value Chain show addresses strategic ways associations interface their business procedures to make vital …show more content…

Information System is a vast IT resource with The capacity and information to make a world wide web. IS consists of all the vital resources incorporated in IT. IT framework gives the establishment to the conveyance of a company's items or administrations through its network environment. Data of Information is another vital IT resource, which is related to information captured, filtered, and manipulated by the firm. These captured information’s is stored in the company’s database system with the intension of enhancing the company’s Productivity. These huge database comprises of information that can be used to learn more about the business, the clients and the contenders or completion that the company might have to face in the long run.
Google’s Strategy
In the Rapidly expanding cyber space, IT resource is also expanding in a phenomenal rate into some incorporated potential assets that are accessible to the firm only if they know how to get hold of those assets. Google's pursuit of getting an upper hand for the utilization of those assets, and no establishment of any other competitive organization to make and provide something better that what Google is providing and inventing give Google a open field of business with no competition because not a single organization has been established who can be better and go up against Google. Since Google holds 75% of the United states and More

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