Graduation Speech : College Experience

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First, I would like to explore the “typical” route students will take upon graduating high school. In 2015, there were an estimated 20.2 million students expected to attend American colleges and universities, with 13.2 million of those students choosing 4-year universities ( Generally, 4-year universities prepare young adults for a degree that can help them continue on to grad school or a career in that field. Large universities have massive amounts of resources, funding, programs, and professors that can help students network and find internships or jobs in their degree field. Students also have access to hundreds of different academic, social, volunteer, or vocational clubs and groups. One of the best benefits of going to a four-year university is the college experience. Both of my parents say the friends they have now are the ones they met in college, and they get to reminisce on all the fun times they had. A university experience typically allows you to live away from home, thus gaining independence and creating your own lifestyle. For most high school students, the university experience is a big reason in why a majority of students choose this route.
For some students, the drawbacks to a university outweigh the benefits. On average, tuition costs, school fees, and room and board at a public university is about $15,000 per year, while private universities are even higher at about $40,000 per year ( While some students are able to get

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