Guinness Market Segmentation

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Marketing Assignment Two
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As a group we have chosen to research and study the product Guinness and we researched there company website

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market up into different groups in order to create different products to meet specific needs. Guinness represents several layers of segmentation, youth, gender wealth and lifestyle. We feel that Demographic Segmentation is the most relevant to our chosen product Guinness.
Demographic Segmentation divides the market into groups based on demographic variables such as age,
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It doesn’t blend in with the other beers on the market. Also the product is differentiated because it is Irish. When Guinness comes to mind, Ireland comes to mind. It has has become one of the most recognised national product symbols in the world. When tourists come to Ireland, you’ll always find some people who try it just because it’s Irish. Guinness is seen as Irish and is therefore seen as the Irish way of life, Irish fun, and the Irish people. People want to experience that and Guinness has done a great job of portraying its product as fun filled. Therefore we believe Guinness has differentiated its product very well. It is completely different from all the other beers on the market.

A positioning strategy is decided upon selecting the products target market. The next stage of the process is where it wants to position itself in the targeted market. A positioning strategy refers to how a company wants its customers to see its product. Guinness have portrayed its product as Irish and also informing us ‘it’s alive inside’. A positioning strategy is trying to send out a message about the product the company is trying to put across. Guinness wants its customers to see its product as a different beer, not only different in colour but it’s the way it portrays its acquired taste. Guinness has made its customers believe that the tart smooth and creamy stout can only be found in Guinness. We believe Guinness has

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