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Contents Human Resource Management (Autumn Exam 2012) 2 1. Complete either a) or b) 2 A) Explain the Harvard Business School Model of model HRM? 2 b) Discuss the development of ‘Welfarism in the late 19th and 20th Centuries, and its influence on modern HR practice. 3 2. Complete either a) or b) 3 a) Describe the diagnostic approach to manpower planning 3 b) Discuss what is meant by HR Stocktaking 4 3. Complete either a) or b) 5 a) Discuss what is involved in the person specification phase of job analysis 5 b) Explain what competency frameworks are, and what what competences are typically included in such frameworks. 7 4. Complete either a) or b) 8 a) Explain either 4 interview errors and biases you are familiar with. 8 a) Discuss what…show more content…
In the first half of the 19th Century the working classes in the newly industrialising countries suffered under many forms of exploitation. The old feudal restrictions which had fixed peasants in place on the land and limited their income had also guaranteed them a place in the world. They may not have prospered, but they were often able to fend off starvation and homelessness simply because they had been born onto estates from which they could not be removed against their wills. The dissolution of this old order meant that workers could be hired and fired at will and had to sell their labour for whatever the going rate was, and that rate was determined by their competition with each other to work cheaply enough to gain them an advantage in the job market. Traditional rules and protections went by the board in the new factories, which often ran for twenty-four hours a day (two twelve-hour shifts), seven days a week under the most inhumane conditions. Women and children were absorbed into the work force as well, often preferred because they cost much less than men. Living standards and educational levels actually declined in many areas. Many of the industries severely polluted their environments, their machinery maimed and killed many workers, and food in the new factory towns was often of poor quality and in short
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