HR Strategic Management

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HR Strategic Management Introduction What are the Human Resource practices that one could consider value creating and that are useful and helpful for both the administration of an organization and the individuals who work in that organization? Why do these practices create value? These issues will be presented in this paper. Value-Creating Practices in the Human Relations Field There is no mystery to the fact that when an individual is working for a company or an organization and the actually tasks assigned to that person ""¦fit their personal characteristics" that individual is going to have a "more positive experience" (Boon, et al, 2011, p. 140). In other words, the HR department should be creating value for the organization by hiring people to match a certain job or a particular function (Boon, 140). Moreover, when an individual's values, knowledge, skills and abilities match well with the company or the particular position within that company, the company is strengthened and that person is likely to stay a long time, saving the money it takes to hire and train a new person. This has been proved to be true in my own experience. I had an opportunity to work for a company as a proofreader; the company contacted the temp agency I was working with, looking for a good proofreader (it was a "pre-press" company). So I was sent there by the temp agency and in a few months the company's HR people saw that I was more than a proofreader; I was also a copy editor and good
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