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Management HR and the practice of Management
1. Evaluate the strategic choices that Qantas has from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and examine how these choices affect human resource planning.
2. If you were in a position to advise Alan Joyce, what would you recommend he does to maintain the commitment to employees and implement HR Planning? Explain your recommendations.

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Due Date: 12 March 2015
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Qantas Airline was set up in Queensland, Australia in 1920 by two veterans. Superb reputation has made Qantas become the symbol of reliability, security, advanced technology and high quality customer
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Maintenance staff were warned that they needed to follow the example of check-in staff and accept the need for change. Mr Joyce said new maintenance regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to bring Australia into line with Europe recognised the enormous advances in aviation technologies. The vast majority of people within our business have helped us to maximize the capabilities of these of aircraft in terms of fuel efficient flying techniques and new product and service offerings. But our maintenance and repair costs are among the least efficient and most expensive in the world. So it’s time to catch up. We don’t repair ur cars the same way did 40 years ago. We can’t repair our planes the same way either. The Australian Licensed Aircraft Association rejected the claims but warned members to keep a level head. Alan Joyce doesn’t want Australian aircraft engineers inspecting aircraft because we find things wrong with them,” said the association’s federal secretary, Steven Purvinas. He’d rather take his chances that nothing goes wrong at 40,0000 feet. I could make the maintenance of my car more efficient by skipping the routine services, but eventually i would expect the engine to blow up. Joyce’s reform warning irks engineers.
With the operation of Jetstar HK, Jetstar has increased its brand reputation in Asia-Pacific region. Qantas also re-adjusted its strategy of
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