Heidi Roizen Case Essay

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Case Assignment Summary: Heidi Roizen The case about Heidi Roizen was very interesting to me because I can not believe how many people she is connected with or I should say networked with. I believe her networking skills had more to do with her personality, being outgoing and high-energy by nature, and that it would be difficult to have just anybody be able to pull this off. But I must say this story really opened my eyes as to how important having a network is. I personally do not have very good network skills, or even considered it important, but I do now. The greatest strength would be how efficient she is at managing her network. She established a way to keep in touch with the nuclei of other networks. This system …show more content…

The guest list usually included friends from the high-tech industry which provided great networking opportunities. This was a way the network was maintained too. By having parties, her network would keep going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. When looking for suggestions to give Roizen for adjusting and maintaining her network as she becomes involved with Softbank would be to continue on as she has been since she began networking when she started her career. The methods she has used to get her where she is today shouldn’t be changed. Since the real issue she is dealing with is time, the only suggestion would be to set aside a predetermined amount of time per day or week, to ensure her network is maintained. She could develop a priority system that would focus on nuclei that contact her for assistance. Since we already know she uses the system as a way of being more efficient, it might just be exactly what she would need to gain the extra efficiency. If she wants to continue using the vast networking system that is in place she will have to improve her to make her networking system more efficient. I believe that since she has become such an expert and successful with her networking skills, she should quit working at Softbank, and write “how-to” books for building efficient and successful networks. Then she would be able to spend

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