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1. What value does Hit Song Science create? If you were Mike McCready, CEO of Polyphonic, which target market – unsigned artists, producers, or record companies would you pursue? Before we analyze the value Hit Song Science creates, we should be clearly aware of the substance of Hit Song Science. Hit Song Science refers to comparing the mathematical characteristics of music with characteristics of past music hits to determine a song’s hit potential. From my point of view, the value Hit Song Science creates can be classified into two aspects — technology and business. On the technological level, Hit Song Science is an advanced technology in that it mixes music and math which cannot be perceived as relevant in a daily life. It is a …show more content…

Producers are in the same situation. Inside producers only receive salary plus some royalties as compensation. While outside producers received a production fee and negotiated a royalty of 1% to 5%of the suggested retail price. Production fee varied dramatically, which means the production fee producers received depends most on the level of the producers themselves and the level of the artists they helped. However, they were only about 20 to 30 top producers who may receive so high production fee that they would like to pay for Hit Song Science. Other producers with low or relatively low production fee may not be willing to pay for Hit Song Science out of their slender income. It makes sense that famous artists prefer top producers who can help them make a hit and in turn, receive benefit from the hit. If artists, unsigned artists and producers only received a small portion of income from music, the biggest winner in the process of recording activity is record company. Managers and talent agents alone extract between 25% and 40% of a performer’s income. Record labels have the ability to pay for Hit Song Science. More importantly, they want to forecast sales levels for the titles in their portfolios. Based on the high market size of record labels and the necessity to forecast whether a song can become a hit via Hit Song Science due to high releasing fees, polyphonic should pursue

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