Home Visiting Nurse Services Of New York

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It is not very new for the business of the home visiting nurse in the history of health industry. According to the Visiting Nurse Services of New York, Lillian Wald, the founder, was the first public health nurse in the United States. Visiting Nurse Service of New York has been a vital part of New York’s public health infrastructure. In the textbook “Policy & Politics” Mason and Parry state, “Lillian Wald started public health nursing, school nurse, and the visiting Nursing Service of New York to ensure that poor immigrants living on Manhattan’s Lower East Side had access to care.” (p.621)During the job search after I got my RN license, I found that it is very difficult for nurses who only have associated degree to get the job in the hospital. Also I found that it isn’t the only opportunity for nurses to be worked in the hospital to carry out the role of nurse. There are a lot of job opportunities such as home care nurses, enrollment nurses for the insurance company and so on due to the quick growing of elder in the community. However, I would like to address the ethical issues related to work as a home health care nurse in this paper. Working as a home care nurse is not easy at home. The majority of consumers of home care visit are elder with chronic disease or disability. Also this population is growing quick due to baby boomer, which provides a lot of opportunities for novices to start their new career due to a lot of hospitals are closed. Also the requirement of entry
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