Homestyle Advertising Campaign

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As Nielsen Digital Landscape latest report (The Nielsen Company 2016) and Helix Personas research demonstrate (Helix Personas 2016), our target audience is highly engaged with digital media for constant news and social media updates and regular online shopping.
Therefore, the digital strategy main objectives are the Homestyle website achievement of a high ranking in Google search engine, which has the 90% of active reach in Australia, and the engagement of the audience in the principal social media, in particular Facebook, because is where Australians spend the most of their time online (The Nielsen Company 2016).
As both online and in-store consumer first stages of purchase decision-making process are need of recognition and information
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Furthermore, engaging the audience by stimulating interaction and conversation allows Homestyle to analyse the consumers’ feedbacks about products and attitudes towards the brand to improve sales and advertising strategies.
By analysing the competitors’ social media strategies, including Ikea and Freedom, we elaborated a detailed content strategy, which contemplates:
- Showing photos and inviting to come in-store to see latest products;
- Stimulating conversation and providing suggestions about season interiors trends and how-to articles with photos of suggestive furnished houses (e.g. summer outdoor trends, how to decorate the house for Christmas, etc.);
- Limited time offers for purchasing online and in-store with coupons or codes to redeem, similarly to Freedom’s strategy (Freedom Australia 2016);
- Asking questions to interact directly with customers and receive feedback about products and connected lifestyle (e.g. “What’s your favourite piece of furniture from us? Show us a photo in the comments and tell us why!”, “No time to take care of a plant but still don’t want to renounce on style? Check out our incredible faux botanicals collection in our online store! Which one you’d like to have in your living room?), similarly to Ikea approach (Ikea Australia
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