How Apple Dominated The Tech Industry Essay

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Matthew Alan Edgar
Central Methodist University

A research into the corporate giant that is Apple

In this research paper I will be explaining and describing information I have gathered regarding the corporation Apple. I will use this research in order to show how Apple dominated the tech industry as well as why it continues to progress and develop in today’s market. In my opinion Apple is the greatest technology based company that has ever existed, both in influence as well as success. I feel the evidence I depict will prove this to be the truth.
On April 1st 1976, one of the greatest technological happenings occurred on our very soil. A company unlike any other was born. Birthed by two individuals, who began developing their ideas in a garage in California. These two legends are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Their relationship is described on, as “Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs had been friends in high school they had both been interested in electronics, and both had been perceived as outsiders.” (
Apple against every single odd that came against them including even firing their own creator Steve Jobs due to a disagreement between the current CEO John Scully and Jobs the visionary behind the Macintosh and what made apple tick. This is summarized from ( written by Joel Siegel) Steve would come back however to bring Apple

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