How Business Models And Theories Can Be Implemented By Management Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss how established models and theories can be implemented by management in the travel and tourism industry to develop a successful customer service strategies which in turn influence loyalty behaviour. The creation of loyal customers is the key to the growth of any business and the way to satisfy customers. It also explains the best practice for resolving potential conflict situations to maintain quality customer relationship and effective selling. Quality customer service is an asset to the growth of a company. Quality customer service is more than offering a smile, a handshake, and “have a nice day.” It is an interaction between customer and provider in which the performance of the provider meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. The provider’s attitude and performance shape customers’ perceptions” (Spicuzza, 1992, p. 50). This essay will talk about the customer satisfaction and standards such as product knowledge and professionalism and the skills vital to a tourism workplace.

Customer service contributes to the quality of tourism products by meeting and exceeding customer expectation and contributing to the tourism experience. To provide a quality customer service means meeting the needs and wants of customer on the process of selling the products as well as the emotional needs of a customer before and after the initial purchase. According to Scott (2002), “Customer service is a series of activities designed to…
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