How Culture Affects Negotiation Styles

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How culture affects negotiation styles?
Comparing New Zealand with Thailand in business negotiations
15066443 Maria Mishell Albores
Assignment 3 Literature Review
219.703 Advanced Business Communication
Lecturer: Mingshing Li
Semester One 2015

This literature review paper will review the effects of culture on negotiations, using New Zealand and Thailand as the key countries of comparison. It will first cover how culture general affects negotiations. Then, it will compare the general culture in New Zealand and Thailand in summary. After that, using Hostede’s cultural dimensions, the cultures New Zealand and Thailand will be analyzed, and further analysis of the culture will be done using Schwartz’s cultural values. In the end, review will include the problems of cross-cultural negotiations and a brief on how it can be overcame. To conclude, the review will summarize the topic altogether.

Key Words
Cross-Cultural Negotiations, International Negotiations, New Zealand, Thailand, Hofstede’s Model, Schwartz’s Model

“Negotiation is a process by which two or more parties attempt to resolve their opposing interests” (Lewicki & Saunders, 2011, p. 6), thus, it is “a complex emotional decision-making process aiming to reach an agreement” (Thompson, 2005). In addition, according to Pruitt’s chapter of Social Conflict in Handbook of Social Psychology (as cited by Maude, 2011), negotiation is a discussion to reach a mid-point between conflicting parties.
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