How Do I Look? The Importance of Appearance for Job Applicants

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How Do I Look? In today’s world of high fashion and abnormally perfect celebrities, it easy for anyone to feel as if their appearance does not measure up to the standards of their celebrity idols. As a result, teenagers and young adults are always trying to perfect their appearance. However, these same individuals do not take the same care when applying for a job or attending an interview. Unfortunately, they do not see the importance of making a good first impression on prospective employees. Research has shown that “the earlier one begins to look for employment, the better chance he/she has in finding employment and in numerous quantities” (Hirschi). The basic skills of applying for a job are more than an impressive resume. The …show more content…

The idea of selling one’s self is not new strategy as individuals promote themselves every day. For example, seeking college scholarships, offers of employment, or prime projects at work are instances when one is, in essence, selling themselves. Incidentally, individuals put themselves in the marketplace, because college administrators, employers, and supervisors look for the best candidate to fulfill certain duties. Without a doubt, it is the individual who has the best sales pitch and the most pleasant look. Therefore, individuals who are seeking those scholarships, jobs, or projects must ensure that the packaging is attractive and appealing. There is no room for “sloppy dress, chewing gum, or cigarettes” (Peterson’s). While students are responsible for marketing themselves, they first learn these marketing skills from their parents. It is the responsibility of their parents to be the role models necessary for children to be successful. Specifically, parents are their children’s first teachers. With that being said, these most basic necessities in marketing should be first taught at home. Moreover, “Parents should teach their children how to be productive and responsible citizens, through love, nurturing, and encouragement” (“How to Help Your Daughters”). At the same time, parents should lead by example. As children, we look to our parents as our heroes and role models. This is a role that many parents take seriously. But, for some parents, their most

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