How Leadership Styles And Approaches Are Essential For The High Performance Working

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Leadership styles and approaches are essential for the high performance working in healthcare organisations (Yuki, 2006). Various leadership styles provide different impact upon the organisational performance, staff motivation, and high performance working. The attributes and attitudes that a leader possesses also have impact upon employee commitment and behaviour. These factors affect high performance working. Apart from this capacity planning which is one of the major operational activities in healthcare organisations also depends upon successful leadership. To maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction, effective management of service operation is very important in health care organizations. This essay examines the implementing…show more content…
Strategic role of the leader of the Family Planning Outreach Clinic is manifested in the development of the strategy of the organisation, creating its vision and mission and objectives, revising the strategy according to the change in the external and internal environment of the organisation. This results in achieving competitive advantage to the organisation. As a strategy leader the manager of the Family Planning Outreach Clinic is competent to drive the organisation through hard times, faces challenges, and led it towards success. Managerial role of the leader of the Family Planning Outreach Clinic involves leading, guiding, directing teams and individuals, monitoring their performances setting targets and goals for teams and individuals for achieving the organisational goals, controlling the teams, planning and implementing projects, performance appraisal, budgeting, conflict management and change management. Operational role of the leader of the Family Planning Outreach Clinic involves planning the operational activities, monitoring the performance, improving the quality of the service, quality auditing, reducing the cost of service delivery, ensuring speed in service delivery, capacity planning and managing demands and project management.

High performance working can be defined as the peculiar high quality of standards conformed in an organisation with a view to achieve high level
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