How Management Is The Key Determinist Essay

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Management cannot be simply defined, there are several different definitions, and factors influencing whether it is successful. One definition of management is “the ability to forecast and plan, to organise, to command and to co-ordinate” (Naylor 2004, p. 25). In addition, Tony Watson believes management is the ability to organize and pull things together in order to create long-term survival to the organisation (Needle 2010, p. 228). Authority can be defined as the power or right to give orders and make decisions, whereas influence is the ability to affect ideas and actions. In terms of being successful, it can be defined in terms of monetary rewards, whereas others may say it can be defined by having a positive impact on others. In this essay I will assess the idea of management, and the ways in which it can be successful, and whether influence or authority is the key determinist.
Authority is fundamental to a business structure as it provides individuals in senior positions to make decisions and give orders to employee’s orders to fulfil the requirements of the organisation (Mar, 2013). The role of any individual in a managerial position cannot be under-estimated, firms cannot forecast or execute plans without a strong authoritative manager.
The role of authority can be explained through a hierachical structure, in which the higher your position, the level of authority directly increases. Henri Fayol has completed extensive research with regards to management within

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