How Technology Can Be Essential For The Success Of Students

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Understanding technology and how to deliver it to students is essential for the success of students. When used correctly, technology has the ability to prepare of students for the future. Also, technology works to prepare of students for real work environments. Through integrating technology within a classroom setting, educators are able to keep students engaged in learning (Wainwright, 2016). In my classroom, I rely largely on the internet and technology in order to connect with and educate students in the best way possible. Through my experiences, I have seen many different ways that coworkers incorporate the use of web in the classroom. There are some forms of web based technology that I could see myself using more than others. Wetzel (2009) states, “The main advantage with Wikis is that teachers can keep their curriculum updated with the latest data information, online materials, and resources. The ability to readily adapt curriculum and resource changes is an advantage traditional methods lack.” Wikis are one of the types of technologies that I have seen used in other classroom settings. This method for me is a little bit overwhelming, and do not see it being a good tool for the grade levels that I have had experience working with, and do find that it may require a higher skill level. The teachers that I have seen use Wiki teach ranges 5th grade- 8th grade. Also, using tools such as twitter would not be appropriate for the grade that I teach, I have seen many teachers

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