How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Peter Rajnert Professor Rosalsky English 101 K July 28, 2015 Being Unplugged While electronics have been resourceful in today’s society, it brings us more questions than it does answers to our own behaviors. While exploring the web, playing a game, or working on important papers, machinery has become a staple in our lives, it brings to question how we interact with the rest of the world while we are separated from friends and the ones we love. We see disconnect from reality when technological advances are used to help cope with our everyday lives. While electronics and the advancement of technology brought increased communications those same advances have also created distance between one’s self and those with whom they would normally…show more content…
Getting that text was like getting a hug” (“Connected…?”). While text at first might seem like nothing, it can be taken in different directions based on the ways we can perceive the text. As a matter of fact, we try to find our own identities when we use technology. Moreover, Turkle states that, “What [excites] me most [is] the idea that we [can] use what we learned in the virtual world about ourselves, about our identity, to live better lives in the real world” (“Connected…?). So while we look around the internet for what we’re interested in, we find more of ourselves the more we traverse the World Wide Web. Although these are true, I believe that technology as a whole is making us more alone. Chatting online has no emotion when it comes to texting, text-only chat rooms. While I myself, a part time college student, have used many different variations of chat rooms. Each chatroom is used for games, favorite shows, or whatever you’re most interested in. I have learned over my five years of using chatrooms is that most of the time I feel like text is lacking one thing which is emotion. Whether it be a simple hello or “I love you” with emotes (A heart for example), I don’t view it the same as saying it in person. I view as bland emotionless words that without further explanation mean nothing to whoever is
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